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Posted on: November 14, 2017

Water District 10 Construction Projects to Start Soon

Water District 10 will be simultaneously working on two projects, and each will affect a section of Redbud Trail. On one project, Water District 10 will be installing new water mains on Nob Hill Circle, a portion of Skyline Drive, and a section of Redbud Trail.  The new water lines are part of a bond package approved by voters in 2015 to improve water pressure in homes and increase fireflow for emergency situations.  This project is one of many and is expected to take about 6 months to complete.


Work on this project will begin on Nob Hill Circle. Once that line is installed, contractors will work on the portion of skyline that runs behind Nob Hill down to Redbud Trail. There will be no work on Skyline from Nob Hill to Westlake Drive.  Contractors will connect the new line on Skyline to a new line being installed along Redbud Trail.  There will be intermittent connections with the new lines and the old lines which will increase capacity and flow.  Residential service should not be interrupted.

Contractors are currently working on another project that includes installing new water lines along Limerick Lane, Old Stonehedge Drive and along Redbud Trail from Old Stonehedge Trail to Flintridge Road. This project is expected to take about 8 months to complete.

Please be advised that the entire project area will be active for the entirety of both projects, and while the contractors will begin work on a designated street, there may be crews onsite throughout the entire work zone at any given time during the next 8 months.  Please drive slowly and pay attention to what is happening around you in order to keep yourself, other drivers, and the workers safe.

If you have any questions about the project, you can reach Water District 10 at (512) 327-2230 or

Thank you and have a good evening....

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