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Court Appearances
Entering an Appearancelaw books
After receiving a citation, you will have 20 business days to enter an appearance with the court. You may submit your request in person, online, or by mail. An appearance with the court is formal proceeding on handling your citation (setting up a court date, payment arrangements, etc.). Telephone calls do not constitute as an appearance.

Request a court date by:

Violate Promise to Appear
If you violate in appearing to answer your citation within the 20 business days you are given an additional offense of "violate promise to appear" will be filed against you. Also, both the underlying charge and the additional charge of promising to appear will be processed for warrants and the court will place a hold on your driver's license with DPS' failure to appear program.

Reschedule a Court Hearing
The West Lake Hills Municipal Court of Record offers scheduled court sessions. You must be scheduled on a specific docket in order to be seen. If eligible, any motions for a continuance need to be filed with the court no later than 1 calendar days prior to your hearing date either by mail or in person. Any and all requests for resets need to be supported by documentation filed with your motion for why the reset is needed. 

Request a continuance by: