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Deferred Disposition
Requesting for Deferred Disposition (Probation)

Deferred disposition is discretionary and the judge does not have to offer it. For that reason, the judge only allows certain offenses to be processed for a deferral at the clerks window. If you were cited with a moving violation such as Speeding (not in a School Zone), Ran a Stop Sign, Fail to Signal Turn, etc. then you may be eligible to request for deferred and not have to appear before the judge at a court hearing. Any other type of offense(s), such as No Driver's License, Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility, Speeding in a School Zone, etc. or if you are under the age of 16,  then you would need to request a court date to appear before the judge.

It is best that you contact the Court prior to appearing or mailing in a request to ensure that you are eligible and to see what the required amount to pay will be.  At the time of the request, in person, you must do the following:

1. the defendant is charged with a moving violation;
2. the defendant provides proof of a valid driver’s license (not restricted to Texas);
3. the defendant provides proof of current personal financial responsibility (insurance);
4. 17 years of age or older at the time of the offense
5. pays the court cost and special expense fee up front (no personal or business checks are accepted)
6. the defendant is not currently on a deferral with the City of West Lake Hills
7. when making the request and not being timely the defendant, being required to pay
    an additional $30 to the special expense fee (no personal or business checks are accepted)

When you appear in person the appropriate documentation will be filled out and a copy will be given to you.

Complete the Deferred Disposition Request form
Submit your request, copy of driver's license, proof of current vehicle insurance, and payment.
It is your responsibility to contact the Court to verify that we received your request. Once the court processes the request, a formal deferred disposition agreement will be mailed to the address you provided on the form.

 If you successfully comply with the conditions of the deferred agreement, the case shall be DISMISSED by the Court and SHALL NOT be reported as a conviction to DPS.
 If you fail comply with the conditions of the deferral, the court will require your appearance at a show cause hearing that will be mailed to you at the last known address the court has on file. 

If you fail to appear at the show cause hearing it will then result as a conviction on your driving record and a capias pro-fine will be issued if applicable.