Dismissal Options


The following chart depicts all violations that can be dismissed by the court. To be considered for dismissal, the violation must be remedied and the required proof presented to the court within 20 working days of the date of the citation.

Compliance Dismissals

Required Proof
Dismissal Fee
Defective equipment (any violation of Transport Code Chapter 547 not on a commercial motor vehicleReceipt from location where the violation was corrected and/or a printed photo reflecting the correction$10
Driver's license - fail to displayDriver's license that was valid at the time of the citation$10
Driver's license restriction or endorsementDriver's license showing when restriction or endorsement was removed$10
Expired driver's license**Renewed driver's license$20
Expired motor vehicle registrationReceipt from county showing the vehicle was registered after being cited$20
Fail to display current registration on vehiclePhoto reflecting current registration on the vehicle$10
Fail to report change of address**Driver's license with new address or DPS receipt with DL number and updated address after the date of the citation$20
Failure to display two license platesPrinted photo showing the license plate on the vehicle$10
Failure to maintain financial responsibility - liability insuranceProof of financial responsibility (liability insurance card) that the court verifies was valid at time of violationNone
License plate not visible / clearly markedPrinted photo reflecting the correction$10

**These offenses may be resolved through the online payment portal. Pay now.

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