November Special Bond Election 

City of West Lake Hills
2021 Bond Election Update – Property Tax Rate Impact
$25M Special Bond Election for Proposition A & B

On August 11th during their regular meeting, the West Lake Hills City Council considered and approved Ordinance No. 2021-008 which authorized ordering an election to be held November 2nd for two separate bond propositions totaling $25M.

Proposition A:
Proposition A proposes voters consider approval of a new City facility including the issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $13.2M. Specific language, as required, notes that Proposition A is for the purpose of making permanent public improvements including constructing, acquiring, improving, renovating, expanding, and developing a new City Hall and Police Building and related infrastructure. 

The existing West Lake Hills City Hall complex located at 911 Westlake Drive is comprised of two buildings that were originally built to residential code; the Police Department to the west and the Administration Building to the east. The Police Department was completed in 1983. The Administration Building was completed a few years later and had a two room, two story addition constructed in 2009. Both structures no longer comply with current building codes, nor do they meet state and national ADA requirements. Both buildings have wood rot, mold and are prone to occasional flooding. A facilities assessment conducted in 2017 concluded that both buildings are poorly designed, functionally inadequate, outdated and unsafe. Neither building is sprinkled.

Proposition B:
Proposition B proposes voters consider approval for roadways and drainage improvements and proposes the issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $11.8M. Specific language as required notes that Proposition B is for the purpose of constructing, improving, renovating, extending, expanding, and developing streets, roads and related drainage improvements for Camp Craft Road, Laurel Valley Road, Redbud Trail, Westlake Drive, Yaupon Valley Road and Terrace Mountain Drive.

By passing Ordinance No. 2021-008, Council opted for a 25-year term for the $25M Bond. If approved the annual debt service payment would be just over $1.4M and assumes a net interest cost of 2.93%.

Polling Locations

Voting locations and hours
Election Day Voting locations are open from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.
Early Voting Hours are Monday - Saturday 7:00 Am - 7:00 PM and Sunday from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
You may vote at any Vote Center in Travis County where you see a “Vote Here/Aqui” sign.

West Lake Hills Voting Location: Shops at Mira Vista, Suite 325 (Across from Trader Joe's)

To find all Polling Locations:

Early Voting Locations

Election Day Locations

Interactive Map

25 Year Level Debt Service
Project Fund ($000s)$25,000
Net Interest Cost *2.93%
Principal Amortization2023-2047
Average Life15.5 years
Total Debt Service ($000s)$35,663
Average Annual Debt Service ($000s)$1,405

Impact to West Lake Hills Property Owners

It is possible that only one of the Propositions will pass at the November Special Election. Again, and as the approved Ordinance included, we’re using the 25-year interest rate and debt service estimates provided by our PFM Financial Advisors LLC, to illustrate the Impact to Property Owners. Also please note that we are using an average of $1.5M assessed property value:

New RateNew RateNew Rate

$13.2M Only$11.8M Only$25M Total
Current RateProp A PassesProp B PassesBoth A & B Passes
Annual/Monthly CostAnnual/Monthly CostAnnual/Monthly CostAnnual/Monthly Cost

If the Special Bond Election on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021, passes, the City of West Lake Hills is required to publish notice for public hearings before proceeding with the debt service issuance. More than likely, these public hearings would occur in February 2022. It’s very likely the interest rates in February 2022 will be different than they are today; however, these estimates are extremely conservative.

Click here for the August 11th City Council online meeting agenda that includes the presentation provided by our financial advisors, the ordinance as considered, project cost estimates and other exhibits.

The Cities listed below are provided to illustrate comparable median home values, their corresponding property tax rate and total annual tax bill for the City-portion only.

CityPopulationMedian Home ValueTax RateAnnual Tax Bill
Bunker Hill Village
Hedwig Village
Highland Park
The Hills
West University Place
West Lake Hills
The Woodlands

                          Averages                 20,622                      $1,354,963                   $0.3356                  $4,462

West Lake Hills Property Owner, Median Home Value $1.5M

Taxing Jurisdictions
Tax Rate
Total Tax
% of Total
Travis County 
Eanes ISD
City of West Lake Hills
Travis Central App Dist
Travis Co WCID No 10
Travis County Healthcare District
Travis Co ESD No 9

                                                  Total Tax Rate:     $1.8390                       $28,391                             100.00%




1 Project / $13.2 million - New Municipal Building
City Hall 2 Story Option 

Studio8 Architects Building Assessment