Wastewater Connections and Extensions

We are ready to help you connect to a wastewater main or to expand service into a new area.

Please submit applications and associated backup materials electronically by Email for screening and invoice generation.  An invoice will be generated and then a payment can be made by mail, night drop, or in person.


  • West Lake Hills Wastewater Manager 512-610-6837. For general information on wastewater capacity availability, eligibility for service, service applications, connection fees, pre‐construction meeting, and final approval of the wastewater connection.
  • ATS (Licensed Plumbing and Electrical Inspections): 512‐328‐6995. ATS is required to inspect all plumbing and electrical installations. Plumbing includes all work from the residence to the grinder pump unit.
  • Crossroads Utility Services (Grinder Unit, Low Pressure Service Lines, and Connections to Main Inspections): 512‐246‐1400. Crossroads is required to inspect the installation of the grinder pump unit, low pressure service lines, and connections to existing mains.
  • Hydro Source Services (Grinder Pump Unit Supplier): 512-572-6188.  Hydro Source Services is the required supplier of the grinder pump units. They are required to certify the installation and to start‐up the grinder pump unit prior to connection to the system.
  • West Lake Hills Septic Inspector Call 512‐610-6836 or email. Coordinate decommissioning of existing septic system with the City’s Septic Inspector. Schedule an appointment to discuss the requirements for each specific system. Abandonment shall be in accordance with current TCEQ regulations.


Capital Recovery FeesCommercial Connection Manual- Requirements
Connection Fees Estimate - 2023 Wastewater  
Residential Connection Manual- Requirements
Grinder Pump Order Form
Permit Submittal Checklist

Wastewater Lines/System Map