Building & Development

General Permitting Process for Residential and Commercial Building

Please check the specific building code requirements in the City of West Lake Hills Code of Ordinances.  Many of your questions can be answered there or in the FAQs. If you have questions about the application requirements or process please contact Mark Littrell at or Kathy Roche at   Please submit your electronic application to Mark Littrell. After your application is deemed administratively compete, it can take up to 4 weeks to get your first round of comments.  The applicant will then need to provide a comment response letter addressing each comment in addition to any revised documentation requested by the City.  These two steps will be repeated until all the comments are addressed. Then the permit will be issued or denied.    

Information on specific building code requirements can be located at the  City of West Lake Hills Ordinances.

Please contact staff if you need further clarification or have any questions not covered in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

All construction projects are subject to stormwater management.  PLEASE READ STORMWATER MANAGEMENT AT CONSTRUCTION SITES: Stormwater Management at Construction Sites

Permit Forms

Acknowledgement of Code of Ordinances

Commercial Building Permit Application
This form applies to new construction, remodel/addition, landscaping, roofing, fences, and change or additions to impervious cover,  etc. Commercial use only.

Commercial Permit Fees

Contractor Registration

Demo Permit Application

Fence Permit Request

Onsite Sewage Facilities

Request for Services

Residential Building Permit Application
This form applies to new construction, remodel/addition, pools, landscaping, and change or additions to impervious cover, etc.  Residential use only.

Residential Permit Fees 

Short Term Rental License Application

Small Project Application
This form applies to single projects like roofing, HVAC, window replacements, etc. 

Swimming Pool Completeness Checklist

Wastewater - New Connection Forms 
Forms to order grinder pumps, connection manuals, fees, and more.

Sign Forms

Sign Permit Checklist

Sign Permit Application

Banner Sign Application

Drainage Information

Drainage Manual

The purpose of the Drainage and Erosion Control Design Manual is to establish standard principles and practices for the planning, design, construction, maintenance, and management of stormwater drainage, erosion control, and water quality facilities within the City of West Lake Hills and its ETJ. 

Checklist for Type 1 Development

Checklist for Type 2 Development

Checklist for Type 3 Development

  1. Anjali Naini

    Director of Building and Development Services

  1. Russell Cain

    Environmental Inspector & City Arborist

  1. Les Davis

    City Inspector

  1. Mark Littrell

    Zoning & Planning Secretary

  1. Kathy Roche

    Permit Assistant